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Through KPMGS' integrated approach to leveraging Adobe® LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 2 (ES2) software, we can help you extend the value of existing back-end systems by enabling developers to build and deploy applications quickly and easily, and by empowering business users to manage application environments based on their specific needs. Our solutions based on Adobe LiveCycle ES2 can make it easier for people to interact with information through intuitive user experiences, improve efficiencies through business process automation, and enhance customer service through personalized communications management.

Deliver Applications that People want to Use
Build and deploy easy-to-use, personalized, and interactive applications that extend processes beyond your firewall in an engaging way.

Improve operational efficiency
Boost your profit margins and reduce total cost of ownership through better management and automation of critical business processes.

Communicate effectively with customers and partners
Respond quickly to customer demands, complex market conditions, and evolving regulatory requirements with personalized and more secure communications.

The Technology
Composed of foundation technology, development tools, and solution components, LiveCycle ES is an integrated server solution that provides everything you need to create customer engagement applications and automate document-intensive processes. And because LiveCycle ES is J2EE compatible and runs on industry-standard operating systems and Java™ application servers, you can easily integrate LiveCycle ES applications with your existing IT environment.

Foundation technology
Adobe LiveCycle ES Foundation software provides the underlying server capabilities that enable the deployment, execution, and management of LiveCycle ES solution components.

Development tools
An intuitive and graphical Eclipse-based integrated development environment enables developers, designers, and business analysts to collaborate.

Solution components
LiveCycle ES solution components span data capture, information assurance, document output, process management, and content services, working together to create compelling and comprehensive customer engagement applications.

Client software
By leveraging free and ubiquitous cross-platform clients, including Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe AIR™, you can be sure your applications will be easily accessible, immediately usable, and consistent across platforms and devices.

User interface technologies
LiveCycle ES leverages Adobe Flex® and Flash software, PDF and XML, HTML and Ajax, and AIR to deliver dynamic and interactive user experiences.

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