Global KPMGS Newsletter Q1 2010

The KPMGS Newsletter focuses on topics of specific interest in our industry. This issue covers the following topics:

  • Cloud Computing - Is there a benefit to you beyond the hype?
  • SOA - What's in the acronym and how relevant is a SOA based architecture today?
  • Enterprise Intuitive Ux - How important is a high quality user experience?
  • Security - Are there viable IAM solutions for today's SaaS and Cloud Computing needs?

Cloud Computing

Getting the most out of new IT trends
Cloud computing is spreading through the IT world like wildfire, with innovative start-ups and established vendors alike clamoring for customer attention. Generally speaking, cloud providers fall into three categories:

      a.)software-as-a-service providers;
      b.) infrastructure-as-a-service vendors that offer Web-based access to storage and computing power; and
      c.) platform-as-a-service vendors that give developers the tools to build and host Web applications.

Based on the break down above, there are specific solutions to consider for addressing the different needs and benefits that your organization might have, ranging from full SaaS based Cloud Services to just infrastructure based outsourcing. KPMGS partners with varies companies like Google to deliver on SaaS solutions and more. Contact us directly and we can help you explore more specifically how to benefit from any of these Cloud Services and map them successfully to your specific needs.


Leveraging A Component Centric Approach
The original hype behind the Service Oriented Architecture has evolved into a robust set of components and solutions to address everything from Application Integration, Business Process Management to Integrated Security and more. Learn from our proven Workshops how to:
  • Establish measurable ROI and KPI data points to effectively assess the value of SOA solutions to your organization initially and throughout its lifetime
  • Leverage Enterprise Service Bus technology across your infrastructure and connect it with all of the critical systems in your environment
  • Build Integrated Security Solutions into your SOA infrastructure from the ground up
  • Develop Ux rich BPM interfaces to accelerate the deployment of new business functions

Enterprise Intuitive Ux

Merging Effectively Future Business Needs with IT Legacy Systems
With the ever growing need to deliver rich user interfaces and features, today's solutions need to make it easier for people to interact with information through intuitive user experiences, improve efficiencies through business process automation, and enhance customer service through personalized communications management. The reasons for the high demand in delivering strong Ux based solutions are driven by:

Deliver Applications that People want to Use
Build and deploy easy-to-use, personalized, and interactive applications that extend processes beyond your firewall in an engaging way.

Improve operational efficiency
Boost your profit margins and reduce total cost of ownership through better management and automation of critical business processes.

Communicate effectively with customers and partners
Respond quickly to customer demands, complex market conditions, and evolving regulatory requirements with personalized and more secure communications.

KPMGS can show you how to achieve these Key Performance Indicators through proven methods and technologies - just ask us to meet with you and discover how we can quickly map your existing systems to deliver rich Ux solutions that will lower your TCO while opening up new business opportunities.

Identity and Security

Hello Cloud Security
As Cloud Computing quickly establishes itself as a new IT paradigm, security solutions must adopt to providing access control, user management and auditing capabilities to data and systems in the "cloud". Key items to consider are:
  • Deploying single sign-on functionality as a simple, automated process for cloud and in-house systems.
  • Complying with the myriad of regulations governing sensitive data access is one of the key challenges of cloud computing.
  • Securely storing user data and logs, whether they are coming from a cloud provider or in-house servers.
  • Enabling Federated Identity Management as an extension of your Internal User Life Cycle Management across external and internal systems.
  • Creating an Integrated Security Approach to your Application Development and Entitlement Management needs.

Our Enterprise Security Assessments have helped many large and medium sized organizations define the best strategy for their long term Security needs. Contact us to develop jointly a successful Enterprise Security Strategy that considers a holistic view as well as all of the latest trends to be incorporated into a cost effective long term solution.