Software ROI / KPI Analysis

KPMGS' proprietary ROI-KPI Score Card is a modeling tool to determine the cost benefits of IT projects. This score card has been copyright protected and has been developed by KPMGS based on our extensive experience and general industry insights into Return On Investment (ROI) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for large IT initiatives such as SOA, Security, Portal and other IT Solutions.

The ROI - KPI Score Card is broken out into two key sections:

  1. ROI Analysis - reflects the cost analysis of the alternative options based on the following key considerations: ROI (Return On Investment) based on cost versus benefits, NPV (Net Present Value), IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and Payback Period.
  2. KPI Analysis - identifies the percentages for Key Performance Indicators for the evaluated solutions and summarizes improvements of non-financial benefits and/or intangible benefits. The provided KPI's address the need for a Risk Analysis in favor or against any of the solutions under consideration and includes key factors such as Flexibility, Supportability, Stability, Compliance, Cost and others.

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